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The name of the blog “A Dangerous Business Travel Blog” doesn’t seem connected to murder. Instead, it’s a line from Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” that describes the blog’s topics. But the name may be misleading because the blog covers a wide variety of topics. In fact, Amanda’s blog generates more than $30K a month! She also features many great pictures and interesting stories!

The blogger Amanda Williams, a former journalist, is now a popular travel blogger who shares her experiences through her blog. She has been featured on reputable platforms and has won a travel writing award. Her blog has been featured in Huff Posts, Buzz feed, USA Today Travel, Flip Nomad, and a host of other publications. She has been interviewed by Misadventures with Andi, NZ Muse, and New York Minute Magazine.

A Dangerous Business travel blog is a highly successful travel blog that earns its creator more than $30K a month through affiliate marketing. In addition to sharing her own travel experiences, the blog also shares helpful content for travelers. She provides tips on packing lists, itineraries, and places that are worthy of an Instagram photo. In September 2021, Amanda Ward’s blog received 144,668 unique visitors. She monetizes her blog by posting sponsored content.

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