Know About Hovsco HovBeta Step-Thru Foldable

Hovsco HovBeta Step-Thru Foldable is an electric bike designed for cyclists, commuters and off-roaders. Lightweight and foldable for convenient transport in cars or buses, it makes the Hovsco HovBeta an excellent addition to any riding regimen.

The bike features fat tire wheels which offer increased traction compared to conventional tires and also features a throttle that can be used either to move without pedaling or as “pedal assist”, whereby its motor works alongside your efforts to propel it.


HOVSCO is a fast-growing e-bike manufacturer known for producing distinctive yet reliable designs. Their bikes feature comfort-oriented features, eye-catching colors and sleek frames, integrated batteries, and come complete with head-turning designs.

HovBeta Step-Thru Foldable electric assist bike comes equipped with an upgraded brushless gear hub motor of 750W that provides more power for riding uphill more quickly, creating an enjoyable riding experience and five simple pedal assist levels that provide greater convenience for users.

This e-bike is suitable for riders of all skill levels and its frame features a step-through design to make mounting and dismounting easier. Additionally, its low center of gravity and fat tires enable it to glide effortlessly over obstacles and rough terrains.

HovBeta goes above and beyond its standard features by including an LCD display to show speed and battery level information, front and rear brakes to maximize safety, as well as convenient folding design that fits easily onto public transportation or commuter trains. It is an ideal solution for saving space when travelling using public transit or commuter trains.


Hovsco HovBeta 20″ Step-Thru Foldable is an all-terrain electric bike built from premium aluminum alloy that’s both powerful and versatile enough for city streets or off-road trails. Featuring an internal battery for effortless power delivery, its frame also sports an elegantly styled LCD command center which displays essential ride parameters that sync up with its companion app for enhanced functionality.

The upgraded brushless gear hub motor of 750W makes the bike accelerate quickly and ride up hills effortlessly, with five user-friendly levels of pedal assistance for optimal control. A fully charged battery can travel 20 mph while pedal assist mode reaches 28 mph top speeds.

Hovsco eBikes arrive well-protected in their box with both rear tires installed. Only the front tire needs to be installed and pedals tightened onto it – but both processes are relatively simple with clear instructions provided by Hovsco.

Pedal Assist

If pedaling isn’t your cup of tea, the thumb throttle on this e-bike provides another means of transportation. Situated on its left side handlebar, it allows you to control how much power is delivered from its motor to your feet as well as notify when it needs charging again.

This powerful electric bike is ideal for most terrains thanks to its front suspension and fat tires, plus a sleek LCD display which shows crucial ride information as well as battery levels.

Out of the box, it comes equipped as a class 2 Electronic bicycle capable of reaching 20mph speeds. However, you can unlock its potential within the Hovsco app to upgrade it into a class 3 model capable of 28mph on pedal assist mode and adjustable seat height to suit your riding style. Furthermore, its foldable feature makes transport easy – fitting easily into any trunk of a car or standard-sized bike racks for transporting purposes.


HOVSCO may be relatively new, but they already boast an impressive selection of affordable ebikes that meet commuter, off-road enthusiast, and everyday use needs. Each bike features a bright LCD command center with foldable frame design as well as useful features that connect through an app for connectivity and ease of use.

The HovBeta Step-Thru Foldable is an excellent option for riders who are seeking an all-terrain ebike, featuring a powerful 750W upgraded hub motor and five easily-usable pedal assist levels. Furthermore, its wide set of tires are capable of handling both trails and pavement – plus it folds up into a compact package easily stored away at home or car – not forgetting its front suspension fork which ensures comfort on bumpy roads – additional accessories like fenders or cargo racks can make your ride even more comfortable than before!

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